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What did your fish do to make you smile today?

Karen B.

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We all know our One True Love are our fish! What gift did your fish give you today?

My Clown Killifish have been doing their love dance all morning. So adorable!

And my green neon tetra no longer seem afraid of me. My aquarium is right by my couch and when I sit, they don’t rush to hide. They just swim around carelessly 🥰 (I know I have a lot in my 10 gallons but its my quarantine tank).




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I rearranged my featherfin catfish's cave today to make it a little bigger, and I enjoyed watching her swim in and out of it all evening. I think she approves.

I've been slowly getting my new blood parrot cichlid in quarantine used to me, and today he took frozen bloodworms from my fingers. I'm in love. 

Beautiful tank you have there!

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Whenever I put Hornwort in my 55g with the 3 Dwarf Gouramis, they will have spats on who the Hornwort belongs to. Today, Pastrami and Salami were on overdrive on stealing eachother's Hornwort stems, no idea what caused this increased level of aggression and activity. Well, this caught the attention of my Angelfish who was probably thinking this had to do with food. She grabbed one of the stems in her mouth while the Gouramis were sparring and boy was that a no no. Both of them stopped what they were doing and chased her off. Cracked me up!

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