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Hi guys I posted another topic about my bba and stag horn issue. So I did some research (aquarium co-op videos lol) about balancing nutrients and lighting so I did my weekly water change yesterday but for I did it I tested the nitrates they were at 40 ppm but I dosed the tank with easy green the day prior.then like I said I did my water change and dosed with easy green and this morning I tested the nitrates and they were at 20 ppm.now my actual question is are my light times and power levels to high still. I have been gradually decreasing time and levels every two weeks. Now I know Corey said nitrates should stay around 40 so I wonder if I need to dim the lights and lessen the time or just add more ferts? I also have root tabs in under the sword as well.so that this is so long and all over the place. And here’s a photo on what exactly my light is on and the tank it’s self. Thanks everyone 



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I just went through this exact same thing with a tank and I have the same light and I dose Easy Green...and my tank was also unbalanced....meaning the nutrients for the plants were unbalanced and I was getting this odd hair algae growing just on my plants. I only keep my lights on for 8 hours, and I turned my lights down to 35%, which was still enough for the plants to thrive....and the blue light completely off during daylight hours because I have heard that the blue lights contribute to algae growth, and I don't know if that's scientifically true, but I turned the blue off just to be safe. Then I started testing. Easy Green keeps my nitrate levels and micro nutrients at a perfectly desirable level, however I also learned that my plants consume phosphates and potassium at lightening speed, so that's what my tank was consistently lacking. So besides dosing Easy Green twice a week I added a phosphate and potassium supplement twice a week, and no joke, within 2 weeks 95% of the algae was completely gone. Now I have started turning my lights back up 5% a week, so I'm now at 45% and still no sign of algae. I'm going to give it another week and then turn the lights up to 50%. But a combination of lower lighting and adding the missing nutrients was the silver bullet for solving my issue.

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