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Red gills on bettas


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I just recently started a betta sorority.  I had the tank set up for about a month before adding them and used a sponge filter that was already established from a different tank. I added 6 juvenile guppies (from an already established tank)2 weeks before adding the bettas. My parameters are 








So here's the problem,  the gills on the bettas are all turning red, which I looked up and it said amonia burns/poisoning but the levels are 0. The tests aren't expired as I just purchased them. Please help!!

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Yeah, tough to tell exactly from the pictures, but like @Columentions, it could be ammonia burn or something like gill flukes. 

One less scary possibility: natural coloring.  Obviously I don't know what they looked like before, but the pics show a semi-red betta. It wouldn't be unusual for bettas to color up, and this is just how they are coloring. Now if ALL of your bettas are doing the same thing, that may not be correct. But it is a possibility. 

Another possibility is aggression. You didn't mention how many female bettas you added, but many many people will say that no betta sorority will work long term. Are they being aggressive towards each other? It could be a kind of bruising from nipping at/attacking each other. How big is the tank?

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