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A rescue oscar may be coming home with me... all advice welcome!


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Hi fish friends! Someone in a local plant swap group is desperately trying to rehome an adult 12" oscar, and I actually have the general knowledge and equipment required to be of help! I have an 80 gallon empty tank and an FX4 waiting to go with it, I'm seriously considering taking him in. I've done some reading and research and I have a basic understanding of oscar care, but I'd love any tips and tricks you might have. One of the things I'm really wondering is what, if any, plants can live with an oscar? Do they have a substrate preference? I have some bags of black sand on hand. I've heard that oscars like to be in busy rooms with lots to watch, and also that they prefer a quieter space. Any notes on this? I have two potential spaces for a large tank- the busy family room and the quieter downstairs den.
Also... I'm guessing he would be a champion at eating guppy culls.

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