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house or garden plants for aquarium


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You could maybe sprout them by suspending the bottom above or just in the water (seems like this should work for geraniums), but there are a limited number of houseplants that will live long-term partially suspended in water. 

Pothos, sweet potato vine, transcandentia, and some philodendrons are all able to grow new roots in water and survive to some extent long term. For these take a long cutting and strip the bottom 4+ inches of leaves. Most of your roots will sprout from those joints. With pothos I have seen it grow fully submerged, it just develops slightly different leaves. 

Some other plants will grow with their bottoms in water to root. Spider plant, some dracaenas like lucky bamboo, and maybe a few others will grow long term this way. I find spider plant usually doesn’t grow large and healthy this way. 

Many more plants can be grown hydroponically or started as cuttings in water, but this can be more difficult. I’ve had luck with a lot, and with some like succulents, suspending above water will trigger root growth. However, plants have three types of roots - aerial, terrestrial, and water - and if you grow water roots to then plant in soil, they will have to grow new terrestrial roots and may not survive the transition. 

Some mosses and other terrestrial plants are fully able to be grown submerged. I had luck with moss from my yard and I believe @Danielhad a lot of luck with some wild plants. 

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