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DIY plexi tank build inquiry

Tetra Guy

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Same as you, I want to build tank but have not tackled this project yet. 

A router may be needed. The saw blade may give you too rough of a cut, You can cut the top and bottom pieces a bit larger then use a router flush cut bit  (or round over) after they been glue to the side.

My current table saw setup cannot accurately cut a 4'x8' sheet of acrylic or plywood.  I would use a Simple Circular Saw Cutting Guide to cut the acrylic sheets. I used these alot, you can make very accurate cuts with a saw guide. Should also add, how fast you move the saw blade thru the acrylic is critical. Too slow will melt it, too fast will chip it. For me, the circular saw is a better option.

Now if you are a DIY person and want curved edges... you can make a bending jig using Motor Speed Controller ($15)  ,  Nichrome resistance wire  (~$10) and an  Infrared Thermometer. Long ago in my college days, I worked in a fish store which had TruVu Aquariums. I love the curved edges of an acrylic aquarium. 


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