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I think I have my first Berried CRS... what do you think?


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First time keeping shrimp...  I have a heavily planted 10g that I cycled with the assistance of some cycled media that i got from a local plant/fish seller. 


My parameters were running pretty steady at about:

PH: 6.3

Ammonia: close to zero

Nitrite: zero

Nitrate: about 20ish

GH: about 5

KH: zero

TDS: 215ish


The tank is still under a month old... so I was leery of putting much in it... so I figured i would try just a few Cherries, to see how they did.... went to a LFs that I hadnt tried before, but the only shrimp they had was some Crystal reds..


I figured ah... my PH is low due to all the Fluval substrate i have...  so maybe try just a few to see how they do...  so I bought 3 of their CRS..  One of them jumped out of the net and it took the kid 15 tries to get it off of the floor, so i figured ahh... that one is a goner...  but i brought them home anyway... (they didnt charge me for the floor victim)


I tested the water they came with while I drip-acclimated them...  The PH was like 7.1 and the GH/KH was a good few points off from mine... so I dripped them real slow..  a drop every 3 seconds or so... for a good 5 hours.... and hoped..

To my surprise... they took right to it...  I know that Crystals aren't really an 'ideal' starter shrimp.... but so far so good)

Sooo.... 8 days later...  I found a molt in my tank... looked like a good one as far as i can tell ...  
The next morning at lights-on, I saw one of my females on a leaf... and she looked different than before... Then she took off and I haven't seen her the rest of the day....


I have read that they mate right after they molt... then I'm guessing they go hide until their new shell hardens?  let me know what you think....  





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Is she moving her swimerettes alot? If she does, that's a good sign she is holding eggs in there. They also pick at them, turn them, and rearrange them constantly, especially as they grow. Eventually you'll know for sure! Shrimps are good mamas (till the kids leave "home", anyway). 

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I wouldn't worry about them not moving. Mine go through long periods in one spot or one area, then at other times they fly around as if they're in a shrimp relay race. When my female was carrying eggs, she was more sedentary. I think it's a lot of work constantly holding those eggs in. Interesting little creatures. I still haven't seen a single baby shrimp yet from this last batch, and only 3 from the prior batch survived. ☹

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