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Hi New Friends!

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Hello from Virginia!

My name is Dylan. I've been a member off and on, but I've been watching Aquarium Co-op for 4 years or so. I used to live in Texas, and kept a lot of cichlids, but not that I'm in VA I'm having some trouble doing that super effectively, but I have bred GBRs recently. I have about 18 tanks running at the moment. Endlers, corys, angels, some gobys, gouramis, and a variety of tetras, and one betta and a few pea puffers my wife is in charge of.

Lately I've had some trouble with some of the Black Venezuela corydoras, Corydoras schultzei var, getting some kind of bacterial infection. I have had a little trouble identifying it for sure, but I've been treating with pima and melafix, which seems to be helping. I'm gonna give it a few more days and if it's not gone try some antibiotics.

I'm currently interning with the National Park service as an Invasive plant tech, but my term ends in August. I'm going back to school for a second degree, in biology, which I'm super excited about. I credit Cory, Dean, and the rest of the Co-op crew with sparking a love of the natural world, and I'm super thankful about that! And I'm really looking forward to participating in this new forum.

Thanks! Hope everyone has a killer day!

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Sure! Anything in particular you’d like to hear more about? I worked in about 23 parks across the Southeast region, which is 7 states, although it changes a lot haha. Mostly dealing with herbicides, some saw work, and typically ailanthus altissima, ligustrum spp., and some other common ones. Happy to go into whatever detail you’re interested in! 

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