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Hello all! So, i have a 15 gallon tank full of stem plants that's on its way out of a cycle wobble, and i was hoping by the end of May to have this stocking

9x Celestial pearl danios

10x Corydoras habrosus

1x sparkling gourami

I know this is approaching the limits, the tank is currently running a 4.3 inch sponge via a Tetra APS150 and a 2 inch sponge with a Tetra APS100, so i was curious if anyone thinks this is a terribly bad idea or in general had stocking ideas that include sparkling gourami and cory habrosus. (I'm open to rehoming my current 6 CPD's but over the last couple of weeks they've been breeding and all of my females look very gravid, so I'm not especially keen on it)



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10 minutes ago, James Black said:

The only problem I have with this stocking is not enough sparkling gouramis. These gouramis are very shy and will do WAY better in groups with other sparkiling gouramis. So heres what I would do:

9 CPDs

7 Hasbrosus Corys

3 Sparkiling Gourami

Ooh, ty ty. I look forward to my LFS getting the sparklers in stock, absolutely love the idea of this tank. 

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