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Muscle Rack recall


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How is everyone's Edsel muscle racks holding up? They just issued a massive recall. I do wonder if its not over people loading 800 lbs off center on particle board rather than centered on the metal supports. But I want to keep feeling good about mine so anyone got any long term updates?



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I’ve got them (or generic equivalent from a big box store).  The shelves are definitely too thin and weak and we will be replacing the shelves that have tanks on them as soon as I recovery sufficiently from my COVID booster.   They’re sealed, they just need to be placed on water change day since I need to shift tanks. 

I put 10 gallon tanks on the 24” x 48” shelves, 4 per shelf, and I have water only in 2 so far and it’s clearly going to be too much so I’ve had to pause my plans of setting up shrimp tanks.  

Bottom tank shelf is 5 gallon tanks x 4, not even full on any of them since they’re blackworm, snail, and daphnia culture tanks, and that’s clearly too much.  They’re sagging a bit in the middle.  I think the support structure will be fine once the shelves are actually strong enough since it will properly transfer the weight to the structure.


The shelves are plenty strong enough for lightweight stuff but definitely not enough for tanks, even when they almost go to the edges.  800 pounds per shelf is a joke, though, even with thicker, stiffer, plywood shelves.

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