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Rummy Nose Tetra Hardy or Not


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Was looking to add around 10 to 12 Rummy Nose Tetra to my 29 gal. tank. It does seem like there are some people that say these are very hardy fish and others who say they are some of the most fragile fish.  I just sent an email to Aqua Huna and he replied that he doesn't ship these fish out anymore because they do not ship well and he was having too many die. Let me know your opinions on this fish and if I should throw that idea out the window and search for something else. 

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The thing is, they are totally tough once they survive the first month. They really just DO NOT ship well. If you buy some locally, they probably were shipped to that store. You should plan to treat for parasites at a minimum, but I would do a full quarentine protocol, and maybe even a full course of maracyn with paraclense. Feed frozen food for a while and get some weight on them. Assume you may have a 10% loss rate, but it can be higher, so this could take 2 tries.

Once they get through that though, they are just as sturdy and long lived as any fish.

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