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i thought that we could start a thread sharing our fish glow-ups from the store to established. here are some chili + strawberry that are established (6+ months) next to some new ones i added in today:






its hard to believe these are the same fish.

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7 minutes ago, Cory said:

Yeah, colored up chili rasboras sell out in 1 day once they color up in the store. Amazing looking fish.

thank you! it’s such a shame that most don’t color up well in stores cause they are such stunning fish. great shoalers/schoolers as well, these new ones have already joined the others and move as a big group   

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I have thought about either getting some Chilli Rasboras, Neon Tetras or Celestrial Pearl Danios for a 5 gallon. Not sure which one yet...

Here is one of my angelfish, The first picture isn't from him when he was in a store but when he was baby vs what he looks like now. He was mostly grey when I got him but now his lines are more bold and he has more blue.

December 2020



It makes me excited to see what he will look like when he is all mature.

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