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sponge filters


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I am getting ready to setup a 75 gallon tank (48").  The main fish that I will have are Xiphophorus Montezumae and  then some supportive algae eaters, like catfish, shrimp, and snails.  I am planning on going with the Co-op coarse sponge filter.  Can someone give me some input on how many I should get?  I am planning on at least two.  Also, if I put in the "never clog airstones", do I need to put anything else in the tank to create current or motion in the water?  Lastly, what air pumps should I get to power the filters?

Thank you in advance!

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Two would be more than enough, I would think. I have 3 stacked the corner of my 75, because I keep messy eaters and big poopers (3 senegal bichirs). Also there's a ctenopoma in there. Probably over kill, but that's just how I roll. I barely notice them all tucked away in the corner. 


And no one wanted to be in the photo. Looks like a big empty tank. X3

Edit: I use an Eheim 400 air pump.

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