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Shrimp Overflow Protector


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Good Morning From Cold Cold Iowa!

I have recently created a tank/sump system that has 3, 20 gallon tanks running to the same sump filter. One of the tanks is a shrimp tank with about 150 cherries in it. The problem I'm currently running into is the smallest shrimp getting washed down the overflow into the sump. Shrimp in the sump doesn't necessarily both me, but they've been getting trapped in the filter floss due to the flow. I can usually save them, however I would just like to remedy the issue. I've tried a couple of the overflow guards from Jhemco. This saves the larger shrimp which can't make it through the openings. Does anyone have any tips or products that they use? I feel like its a fine line between screening and clogging the overflow. 

Thanks in advance, 


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I think Jehmco has a lot of pre-filter sponges available of different coarseness. Just look under their 'sponge filter' section.

As other have stated, be mindful to clean the sponge so that your flow rate back into the tank doesn't get slowly out of whack so that you end up with a low sump and a gurgling pump, and possibly an overflowing tank.

It's sometimes best to have a secondary emergency overflow in the tank for this eventuality. Place that one higher than the other so it only drains when the water level is at critical overflow level. For that overflow, you'd want no intake filter. In the event of an overflow situation where the emergency overflow takes over, you may have to pick some shrimp out of your sump.

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