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Silicone straws


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I just found a great use for these straws! I didn't realize they were so flexible, so I was wondering what to do with them. It turns out they make great sturdy plant corrals! A little piece of airline tubing conveniently fits inside to connect the ends, or additional straws. Because it sits slightly higher on the water line, I think it will hold floaters better, especially the babies that always seem to escape. I'm testing one to see if it's going to need a dab of silicone sealant. I don't think it will because the fit is snug. Wow, this forum helps one's creative side, doesn't it?


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I use straws to feed my shrimp.  I put the food into a crease in my left hand, then hold a straw in my right hand, with my index finger over the end, and scoop up the food.  Then I hold it with the open end up until I get to the tank, where I put the open end in the water, leaving it as close to horizontal as possible until the end is in the water so the food doesn't all fall out.  Then after the end is a short distance into the water I remove my index finger from the end to let air out (if you don't do that water and shrimp food will shoot out of the top when you do finally remove it).

Lower it until the open end is near the bottom and wait for the food to fall out.  You can move it around a little if you don't want it all in one place.  When most of the food has fallen out I usually hold my finger over the end again, lift it up until it's almost all the way out of the water, and then remove my finger.  That lets the water out that was trapped in the tank, and it will take the remaining small bits of food with it.  I usually do that two or three times.

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