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Hello from the netherlands


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Hi all! I've been following  Aquarium Co-op on Youtube for a few years now and I love the channel .I wanne say thank you corry for all you help and great advice we  from you in the last years. I am keeping fish and shrimp now for a decade and stil love the hobby. I  have done some fish breading of plecos , synodontas white, briselnose and corry catsfish.

I just started a new tank I got for  X-mas 68x25x31 inch 250 gallon + 75gallon sump  The plants  are Crinum calamistratum, Lilaeopsis Novea-Zelandiae, vallisneria,  javafern. sword plant some Cryptocoryne usteriana in the back stil need to grow befoure  you can see them. and there are +100 fish in the tank of 16 different species. 3 species of shirmp and some snails.  picture below. I am having a  little bit of green water isseu, but the uv light is on the way.

I'm looking forward to meeting other hobbyists here, and switching ideas  and tips  or just tank talk.

Greetings Dutchfishguy


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