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Sloppyscaping, an aquarium journal

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The 75 gallon is slowly starting to take shape. I don’t have much in the way of hardscape for it, so my emphasis has been on getting as many plants as possible in there (just ordered some more from the co-op!)


This is with the main light off. 

My parents just moved to this state so my mom got to see my aquariums for the first time yesterday. She was shocked at how clean everything was, which was a little funny since my tanks are not exceptionally well maintained, just plant-filled. Between live plants and LED lightings the home hobbyist has a lot more options available than we did last time my mom had to maintain a tank. 


Long story short she went from “I will never have fish again” to “I could do a small nano tank like this one!” (betta tank) in about 5 minutes. 😂

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Just now, RovingGinger

Ahah! @akconklin - that gets my gears turning. I will call him Azula. 

Other pets in the house include Momo, Pabu, and Asami.... so it fits in great. 

Anyone who can name the references gets on my good list 😉

I love it! I looked it up... seems to fit his fiery personality. 😉

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I acquired the large java fern in the center at our latest aquarium club auction. I’d really like to put it in that third back portion on the right, but that is where Sloane the blood parrot has dug a massive pit and declared their kingdom. So I worry by destroying the ... hopeful nest? I’ll traumatize the fish. Aesthetics or fish feelings... hmm. 

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This 12g gets less of my attention than it deserves. It has grown in nicely and even largely overcome a staghorn algae bloom. The back panel holds the filter and heater, which is handy because otherwise this tank would see very direct sunlight. As it is the plants that have rooted in the back portion grow very happily. 

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I took the 6g previously containing shrimp and sparkling gouramis and have  been playing with it. 

I layered probably half an inch or so, maybe an inch in some areas, of black diamond blasting sand. Then I dug up some moss on dirt from my backyard and set it on top. Let that sit for a few days or a week with plastic seal, then filled with water. Then I eventually planted with various leftovers from other tanks, etc. 

Now I have it as home to some n-class endlers (m,2f, unknown number of fry) and 4-5 baby blue shrimp that hatched out in another tank, along with mts, bladder, and ramshorn snails. AFA92936-2786-4CBC-A177-0F57B3A628CB.jpeg.6fa598d1fac09d96dbe331a55efa5d16.jpeg


circled - moss from yard. It grows much more vertical under water. 

Valliseria gone red at the tips, assume stress from high lighting and probably high iron in the water. 

papa endler and hard water stains. 

plant shot. 

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Here are some photos of my most beloved fish, Sloane. He is the boss of all fish and perhaps all animals in the Ginger household. 


Chuck Norris asked Sloane what he wanted for breakfast one day and Sloane said “you”. Then he ate Chuck Norris. 


once upon a time substrate was even and flat. Then Sloane dug a giant hole. Why? Because he wanted to and he can. 

Sloane’s most hated nemesis is Blue Scrubber. Someday he will destroy that long interloping landlubber. 

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I found an older waterproof phone holder I last used scuba diving in Hawaii. 


Billie Eilish • Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Remix)

So we took a little dive into the 75. Say hello to Sloane! He does not like this invention. 

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I'm with Sloane, my occasionally-triggered vertigo did not like it either! 😳😨 

I was surprised, though, how I could see a very clear reflection of your room INside the tank. I wonder if that bothers our fish at all, to see all the reflections on the inside of the glass. I never really thought about that before. 🤨

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On 8/20/2020 at 1:26 PM, RovingGinger said:

It will not win awards, but your husband won’t divorce you for spending more money on Anubias than you do on food.

Welp, long story short, divorces can happen for non-fish reasons too. I have been in the process of buying a new home. Following Cory's advice, I've tried to stage my aquariums for a gradual transition. I rehomed anything I wasn't in love with (why not keep going once you start?) so I am down to mostly livebearers, gouramis, pea puffers, angelfish, parrots and other american cichlids, and finally the kribsensis. I've also temporarily moved all but my three most needy tanks to my parent's house.

The most annoying part is having:

  • N class endlers
  • 2 pure strains of guppy
  • Mutt guppies
  • Cull mutt guppies (spine deformity)

It's like that puzzle with the farmer and the goat and the cabbage and the wolf all trying to get across the river. In the end, I rehomed many mutts and one pure strain, and everything else is still separate. 

In all - most of what I rehomed, I knew I wanted to eventually. They were fish that I found myself not watching very much at all, or just not very interested in. Gouramis, platies, kribs, and my parrots - those I couldn't really part with easily. The people who got them were thrilled to have them, and I told a few about our local aquarium society too. 

Not a lot of scaping going on right now (mostly plants floating - and I threw or gave away all the guppy grass I could grab) , but I'm excited for a new wide open basement. I have both well water (cold only) and city water (water softener on hot water) so I'm unsure of exactly how I will want to handle water changes yet. Any ideas are very welcome here, especially when it comes to two floors of aquariums - well water outlet is only on the basement floor (split level home). I imagine I will eventually want to invest in RO water just to have the option. Can you install like, a holding tank for water changes that pumps up a level as needed? 

Also for the life of me I can't figure out where I'm going to put that metaframe triple decker 😅


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Bummer on the need to move, @RovingGinger, but congrats on a new house! Woot!!! And wow, you have an excellent plan! Way to think it through and make the hard decisions. You're brave to go ahead and unload the ones you aren't in love with. I'm sure your fellow fishkeepers were thrilled with your sharing the bounty. I don't have any advice about the water changes, but I have no doubt you'll work it out. Best of luck with the final move!

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