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Four way valve

Big Nate

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Hi I’m SURE this sounds so stupid to everyone but can someone PLEASE explain to me why I cannot for the life of me get two sponge filters to work at the same time using one air pump and the four way splitter? I literally cannot figure it out. I open one valve and the sponge filter works but then when I open the other valve at the same time the other sponge filter doesn’t work. PLEASE somebody help this dumb bum. 

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One of two things are going on. Either your pump isn't strong enough to push more than 1 outlet. Or, you need to have say 1 fully open and the other partially open so that the air will be restricted and come from both.

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As always, Cory is more succinct. But I already typed it, so I am posting it. 🙂

Like this: 

  1. First connect the pump to the end, and the 2 sponge filters to the first 2 valves.
  2. Then be sure to turn OFF the two valves that don't have air hoses on them--cross-wise means "off".
  3. Open the first and second valves all the way--in-line means "on".
  4. Now, slowly turn OFF the sponge filter that IS RUNNING.
  5. When the other filter starts to bubble, adjust the valve until they are balanced.

Air takes the path of least resistance, and will "prefer" one line over the other. You use the valve to make the resistance the same so that the flow is the same.


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