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Tips for axolotls

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I am definitely not an expert on axolotls, but I know a few tips. Their eye sight is pretty terrible, feeding them food like earth worms would be easier for it if you hold it with long tweezers like for aquascaping. Also, they eat by gulping/ sucking in the water next to their mouths. I've seen some that suck in large rocks and it can prove fatal if it can't get it out. Fine grain sand is a good contender as the tiny bits can pass through them. Plus the little guys like to dig around with their infamous legs. Bare bottom is another option, but it takes away from their experience of being an inhabitant. They also like little water flow, like practically none, so keep that in mind. And their water on the cooler side, 59- 73 F. As for their diet, earthworms are a popular choice for them. They will also eat foods like blood worms, black worms, and meal worms. Though meal worms should be more of an occasional item. Anything that fits into their mouths (hence why I wouldn't do gravel). These are just a few tips I've learned, I would do more research into their care if you want even better answers. Good luck! 👍 

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