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Raising my first angelfish!


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Hey guys! I thought it would be neat to have a little log of my first time trying to hatch out and raise up angelfish fry! 

This was this pairs 3rd spawn, but the first that I pulled from the community tank. 

Laid on 2/5, removed the eggs and put in a jar with MB. Last night 2/8 I saw my first wrigglers, and today 2/9 most are at the wriggler stage! I plan to wait until tomorrow to move them into the 10 gal from the jar, unless others have some advice for me! 

I will include some pics of parents. Male is a big gold angel, and the female is a petite German blue blushing angel. According to the genetics calculators, all offspring should be Silver Ghost. 



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9 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

Very exciting! Once you get the fry onto baby brine shrimp, you'll be pretty much home free. If you're interested in a long NERMing-out on breeding and raising Angelfish -- complete with loads of videos -- you might enjoy this thread we posted back in December. 


Thanks! I’m excited, when I saw the pair laid on a Java fern leaf I was ready to give it a try. I ordered the Ziss brine shrimp hatchery and the co-op eggs, so I should be all set to hatch out brine by the time the fry are ready to eat! 
Thank you again for the support, I am a bit out of my comfort zone!

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First step is avoiding fungus. Sounds like you've got that covered with MB. We use H2O2, but most breeders like MB. Next step is getting them eating. SERA micron, or Co-Op fry power is excellent. Don't overfeed! Remember how small they are. Add some Java moss to the container for infusoria, etc. Make sure that your 10 gal is properly cycled, and has sufficient aeration.

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