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Online Plant Question The a rare plants

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 i was not sure where to ask this question   when will you be getting new plants in for online store  specially the rare ones?  i am holding off on a plant order for two plants and waiting on no snow & no cold  days  .. and want to buy from Co-Op  first because they have the best plants and i trust  them .. and Cory ....

these two plants have been even out  since my first plant order in November  i was hoping they would be back up after the major lock down  but those two plants still not up  

can you give me more info on these two plants i am looking at are Crinum Calamistrarum & Brucephalandra Green Wavy  the Crinum  Calamistratum  is is hard to find anywhere (i just googled the plant ) 

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We order these plants every week from at least one vendor. Plants in general during the pandemic have been harder to get than normal.  They could arrive this week or be out for many more months. Unfortunately there is zero insight from the farms. Every time we inquire, they just say, its hard, covid means less planes, less people showing up to work etc.

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