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Guppies and Ember Tetras

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I am setting up my sons guppy tank and he’s suddenly taken an interest in my Ember tetras in the display tank I keep in our living room. I’m happy to take them out and put them in his tank  (just allows me to put a bigger group of green neons or was considering cardinals) but there’s conflicting info on guppies and tetras. There are 10 embers, plan was 2 trios of guppies and a group of dwarf corys in a 20 g H.  


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They will definitely get along. Not sure what conflicting info you read specifically. If it was about water parameters, that could be a concern. The tetras like it a little more acidic than the guppies, but I've kept multiple different tetras with guppies without any issue. I don't foresee any issues with your plan!

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