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The great alien water battle of 2021

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I’m not sure why diatom filters became a thing of the past!! 

I bought an internal canister filter to battle a severe algae bloom (alien water) and it didn’t do much. So I cleaned the filter, and “charged” it with diatomaceous earth by letting it run in a bucket with the de until the water was clear. Replaced it yesterday morning and my water is completely clear today! Nothing else had worked. 

This is AMAZING!! Took 24 hours for the de filter to clear the water up completely. I had been battling green water for 2 weeks prior to this discovery! 

Thanks to Cory for the tip on diatom filter!

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Just now, Hobbit said:

@Riverstream did any of the DE seem to come out into the water? I’m curious because I use it to kill nasties in my chicken coop and I wonder if it would give any snails micro-lacerations.  Maybe the snails are slimy enough that it doesn’t matter?

I was worried about that myself. And so far no problems. I think a very important step is letting it run in a separate container until the water is clear. This means the de isn’t going anywhere. All my fish including snails and scaleless fish are doing great. It’s nice to see them again 🤣

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