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Rainbow Shiners - A Day in the Life of

Fish Folk

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This video may understandably bother some temperate aquarists. I refer to virtue, not environment. There are a number of wise old adages cautioning aquarists against the problems caused by overfeeding. However, when trying to get fish prepared for healthy spawning, _sometimes_ it is good to _overfeed_ as long as you compensate by _over cleaning_. Feed more? Water change more. So, here's a video sort of "journaling" a day in the life of our Rainbow Shiners. Bear in mind that there is a shy pair of Rainbow Darters in this aquarium as well that need the presence of uneaten frozen food (and live food when we feed that) available on the substrate. Shiners are "drift feeders" so once things settle down low, they do not dig for it like a cichlid might. These males are really coloring up!



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