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Weird color pattern on cherry shrimp!?


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38 minutes ago, Socqua said:

Looks like a low grade cherry shrimp, though almost red rili. Looks cool though. Aka Sakura.

LOL why am I not surprised there are like 6-8 grades for cherry shrimp. Incredible. But I agree, I like the patterns on those "low-grade" cherry shrimp.

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5 hours ago, JaredL said:

I never understood shrimp grading. My cherry shrimps' appearance changes all the time(sometimes throughouta single day). And it changes depending on whether it's male or female. I agree with @Kirsten, I enjoy all the different patterns and don't get caught up in the "grades".

As long as you enjoy the lower grades that's fine, but if you're trying to sell them the darker ones will definitely sell better, and for more money.  I sell some reds at a local store where they usually give $0.60 each store credit, but they didn't hesitate to pay $1.00 for mine, and asked for more.

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Yeah as I understand it the benefit of higher grade (in addition to the pure red look a lot of people want) is that their line is more pure and are more likely to provide all red shrimplets. Lower grade is more hit or miss.

Personally I agree that the wild form looks really cool too. I have every shade of blue and brown in one tank. Some of my wild ones look more like a mini version of my bamboo shrimp than blue neos imo.

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