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manual anti snail measures


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so I'm getting some vallisnaria form coop today.  I read around and it seems like none of the conventional snail killing dip methods work with them as vallisnaria seems quite sensitive to "chemicals".  This includes alum, h2o2, and bleach (other methods I've looked at aren't that good with snails). 

But, since I'm only really concerned about snails, which are macroscopic, I figure I can pull them and their eggs off by hand.  Have people had good luck just looking closely and picking off snails and eggs?  I know quarantine is another option but I'm too impatient.


Also yes I've heard all the pro-snail arguments.  I am still not pro-snail.

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I would say this is a possibility on Val. Some more fragile plants might be harder to assess. Things I would suggest are removing all potting media, and putting the bare root plant in a clear container (jar, drinking glass, something) in bright lighting and reaaallly look at all the angles. snail eggs are hard to see in the air, but you can see the jelly blob better in the water.

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