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Hello Fellow Fish Folks!

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Greetings from Oregon!

My name is Jennifer, though most people call me J, Jen, or simply Mantooth. I have been around the hobby for most of my life, though I decided about 6 months ago to finally get some tanks of my own. I started with a 10 gallon tank, but I am now up to 20 tanks of my own. My partner decided he wanted to hop on the bandwagon and has 10 tanks of his own, with the understanding they are essentially mine too. LOL! Our tanks are mostly evenly split between large-ish (75-120 gallon range) and small-ish (5-55 gallon range). I am a Goldfish and Betta nut and he is a big fan of catfish and bottom feeders, though we have a ridiculous amount of schooling fish and shrimp too. If you asked me what kind of fish was my favorite, my answer would be, yes.

I am a Programmer by trade, but I am looking forward to chatting with everyone about geeky fish stuff, instead of just the geeky tech stuff I hear about all day. Not that I don't enjoy talking about Star Trek/Wars, the latest in server security, or what RPG everyone is into right now, but I like other things too. I am also pretty sure my friends will be glad they are off the hook about yet another fish story, usually complete with photos. I try not to be THAT fish parent, but its hard when they are just so darn cute. Now I just have to remember how forums work. Pretty sure I haven't used a forum since the early 2000's... 😉

Working on my fish photography. It has become rather obvious I need to invest in some brighter/faster lenses to get this right. Here are a few fish pics, some from DSLR, some on phone. 🙂 






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