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Possible Egg Binding in Rainbow Fish


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Has anyone had any experience with egg binding in their females?  I have a pair of Boesemani in a breeding tank which is a 20H.  They are the only fish in the tank.   The tank is empty except for some moss for them to spawn in and a single anubias attached to a rock.   I use a sponge filter and a submersible heater.  

I have had the pair in the tank for about a week.  They don't hesitate to spawn, and I have witnessed them spawning several times.  They have even spawned when I had my hand in the tank.  The problem is that I never see her release any eggs as they separate.  She also never seems to slim down any after the spawning.  I am concerned she has become egg bound.  I am curious if anyone has experienced this, and if there is anything I can do?

I have done some research, but haven't found much information other than it could cause the death of the female.  Should I just leave the pair in there and hope in corrects itself?  I kept the pair in a 110 gallon community tank for about a year before putting them in the breeding tank.  The water is the same in both tanks.  I don't specifically remember them trying to spawn in the larger tank.  In fact, the male would chase a female rainbow fish in that tank that is not a Boesemani rather than the female he is with now. 

The water parameters from what I remember are: ph is around 7.2, the nitrates are around 10, temp is around 79-80 degrees, and I have fairly hard water here.  I would give the exact readings, but my testing kit ran out, and I have on order that hasn't arrived.  The last time I tested was two days ago.  

Thanks in advance for any advice or experience.  

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On 2/8/2021 at 5:59 AM, Colu said:

Epsom salt can help with egg bound fish it helps fish to reabsorb eggs 

Thanks for the help.  When I included epsom salt in my searches I found a lot more information.  I will give the salt treatments a try.  

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