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Cloudy water


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Hey, been watching the channel for a couple months. Kept fish 10+years ago, freshwater livebearers mostly in a 55. Have kids now and im getting my 4 year old into it. We got him for xmas a 29 gal setup, and just a few days ago got him some harly rasbors, panda mollies, platies and some albino corys. The water is cloudy after introduction and idk why. Not over feeding as best i can tell. Cycled the tank for a day prior to introducing fish. Will it clear up or should i do something? Not trying to panic, but at the same time i dont want him to be discouraged 



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Its probably just a bacterial bloom, completly normal when setting up and cycling a new tank and is not harmful to fish whatsoever. It seems to me though that you didn't cycle your tank. It will usually take over a day to cycle a tank, did you test for nitrates, what did it read? During the nitrogen cycle the goal is to grow de-nirtifying bacteria that converts amonia to nitrites to nitates. Any ammount of nitrites and amonia is harmful to fish, where as nitrates can be up to 20ppm (thats the goal for me). 

Because it doesn't seem like you cycled your tank, feed lightly. Feed every other day in small amounts. Also do waterchanges on the days you dont feed to keep the amonia minimal. I would start using Fritz Zyme: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/fritz-zyme-7-live-bacteria-freshwater this will help speed up the nitrogen cycle. 

Here is a video that may help:


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