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Can you use too many root tabs??

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I found a diagram describing different plant deficiencies and it looks like my sword is showing signs of nitrogen deficiency. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have put several root tabs under it when I got it a couple weeks ago. I added a couple more root tabs underneath it today. Is that ok? Can you put too much? I also dose the water weekly with easy green. Is there anything else I should do?

water samples today:

ammonia - 0

nitrite - 0

nitrate - 20/40 (hard for me to tell between the 2)


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If it's a newer plant you may have to wait for it to get established and well rooted to really start soaking up those nutrients and getting results. 

With all the root tabs you have in and a dosing of liquid fertilizer you should be good. 

I don't know about using too many root tabs, but i would imagine digging around in the substrate with unconsumed root tabs to put in new root tabs might release those nutrients into the water column instead of staying in the substrate. That could impact the water quality it cause algae. 


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All my swords have leaves like this. This one is about a foot high now and starting to take over that area. It still has brownish and not great looking leaves, yet it keeps getting bigger and bigger and the otocats practically live in them.20210208_081307.jpg.3a989b3b49f1b26e748513801ac7011e.jpg


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Yeah, like Maggie, my swords get those leaves too on the bottom. Those are the older leaves, and new leaves sprout out from the middle. You won't see those older leaves improve, it's the new growth that will look better and better, and the overall size of the plant will increase over time. Trimming the older, ugly leaves will stimulate the plant to grow as well. Just trim them off at the stem base. As for the root tabs, is probably fine you put in a couple. You won't have to add more for another few months, most likely. 

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