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Is this a crypt pink flamingo?

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Hello all. I bought this crypt from a store and they said it was a crypt pink flamingo. I’ve had it planted for over two months now and I haven’t seen a hint of pink. Is it my care that is not bringing the pink out or is this not a pink flamingo? 

it’s in a 10 gallon with a nicrew light. There’s a root tab directly under it. I’m not running co2 


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It very well could be. I have had pink flamingo crypt several times not, getting it as tissue culture, as well as a potted plant. The tissue cultured one I never got to take off and convert. The potted ones, one was a greenish pink and other was bright pink. The greenish one melted back and died. The bright pink one did fine for a while and then slowly turned an olive green color. I have been told it needs bright lighting and co2 if possible. I just got a Fluval light and a co2 system, so I plan to find some and try it one last time and see what happens. 

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