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Cycled filter vs better lights


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Hi as I assume many people do I decided to buy a aquarium kit before knowing that I will fall in love with the hobby.

I got this kit :



after two weeks I realized the kit filter will not do and got a sponge filter,  now two months in I think that I need better lights .

Now the way this tank built the only place I could hook a light is if I got rid of the kit filter , I do have another sponge filler but the kit filter been running for two months and building bacteria that I will lose . 

what do you think? Is it ok to take out? 

also... I have my eyes on the fluval nano light from aquarium co op . Will it be good enough for a 7.5 gallons 

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Yes the fluval nano 3.0 will be fine for 7.5 gallons heres a thread of peoples experiance with fluval 3.0s

 If you place the sponge filter in the tank and leave both filters runing for 3ish weeks, the bacteria in the original filter will have time to transer to the new sponge filter.

I had the exact same problem with a simillar kit and the lights. I simply discarded the lid and lights, made a diy lid:


 And then I was able to get a light that was meant for planted aquariums that would just sit ontop the lid. 

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