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Ich life cycle and quarantine


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I am new to quarantining after learning a hard lesson so please forgive me.

If I treat with trio recommended by Cory and I only put the medicine in once and let it sit, how with the Ich X work if it only works on the lifecycle of free swimming which is why I’m dosing my main tank every day with water changes. Would one dose of ich X do the trick if they truly have it? Or is it that we dose it and wait to see if white spots show up and then go with full treatment?


And does this look like ich? Treating my 45 gallon because of this one spot and occasional flashing of my Cory cat flicking the sand at the bottom of my tank. 
The picture of the yellow fish was taken yesterday. The picture of the other two fish was about a week ago. I had done one dose of Ich x but was also treating the tank with Maracyn so couldn’t do water changes and continual dosing.



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