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I just got my 1st shipment of Purigen and don't really know when it's best to start using. A couple things

1) about a week ago we lost 1/2 of our Cichlid tank. I was using Pimafix to treat the cottony fungus and didn't realize the oxygen was getting low from using it until we tried every other thing trying to diagnose the issue. After a few large water changes the survivors are now doing great. 

2) we also discovered Ich in the process of trying to save our fish...afraid of chemicals we began to raise water temps and added some aquarium salt. They are doing great and I am not seeing any signs of Ich now but read the raised temp has to stay up for 2 weeks to kill it all. I just got my med trio and purigen but am wondering if it would be wise to let my tank stabilize before doing anything else. I'm so afraid of making them sick again 

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