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First fish coming today, and I'm concerned about my water parameters


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Hi All

I'm getting my first fish today in my 28 tall tank. I have lots of moss, baby tears and dwarf chain swords that are all thriving... as is my algae.

I only fed liquid ferts the day i made the tank and have been doing easy carbon every day. 

I have a hob filter with course foam, activated carbon and fine foam and all seemed well. I've been testing with the tetra test strips and had nitrate 50, nitrite 1, chlorine 0... (no ammonia test at this point) for a little while after the initial high readings (i added some floating plants to eat up some nitrates)

I then got my API master test kit ready for my fish and shrimp, and seachem prime. I've done a 10% water change each day for the last few days, with prime to try to get rid of the nitrite but when i tested today I have 2 nitrite and i'm guessing 30 nitrate (its in between the colours)... so my question is this

Will my fish and shrimp be ok going into this tank?

Does the nitrite still show but is now detoxified by the Prime? my ammonia and chlorine are both 0.

Many thanks


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