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Mermaid Weed (Tips, Tricks, CO2)

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I just stumbled upon mermaid weed at my LFS and decided to grab some. Looking for tips, tricks, and any information about growing it. 

Does is need CO2 injected into the aquarium? Or will it still thrive, but just grow more slowly? 


thanks in advance

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Mermaid weed is a super unique and cool looking plant, I would have picked it up too! I've had it grow just fine with medium-high light and fertilizer in a non-Co2 tank. It stayed a greenish-yellow color. I've also grown it with Co2 and high light and that's how I found to get much more reds out of the plant.

It can be finnicky for some, but I find plenty of nutrients and light do the trick. It's also really interesting to grow it under water and above water because the two forms are so different. I wish you all the luck!

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