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My Amazon Puffer been slowly getting brown spots on his underside and has white spots


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He has been slowly getting more and more brown spots for almost 2 weeks, and has white spots that I Thought were ich, but I slowly turned the temp up to 86°F and for the fist week I was doing a 30% water change and dosing ich-x once every 12 hours, now it's every 24, and it has been getting a little better and then the next day it's a little worse, and it just keeps going up and down for the last 2 weeks, I have absolutely no idea what it is, again I don't think it's ich because it should of cleared up in like 5 days. Does anyone know what it can be, and how to treat it, I have loads of different meds.


My parameters are:

Ammonia- 0ppm



GH- 100ppm


PH- 7

Temp at 86°F, I normally keep it at 79°F


Edit: the only thing I can think of is that it's a REALLY bad case of ich and the "brown spots" are just bruises from him bubbing on some lava rock I have in there 





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The spot on it body in the second pic looks like ich but am not sure  on the brown spots in pic 1 Amazon puffer are mostly wild caught there could more than one thing going on i would keep treating with ich x and start treatment with paracleanse or general cure for parasites

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