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Does Fluval Stratum put nutrients in water column

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I have about a good 2 inches of Stratum in my 10g that is cycling...  I've been adding plants over the last 2 weeks... but I'm wondering if and when I should add any ferts... 

i have Bacopa, Java moss, Anubia, Moss ball, Frogbit, and some really nice dwarf water lettuce that I just picked up from a local guy today..




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Add fish food/ or poop so you can the bacteria something to eat on. Also I see that you have pine tree in your aquarium, if you didn't boil it the tank will get really dark. I don't know what it does to fish but I put a piece one of my spare 10 gallons and the water was super tinted. Let me know how it works out for you. I am always interested when people are pushing the boundaries on fish keeping!

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