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Persistent ammonia


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I have had ammonia in my tank around .25 and .5 pp for like four months. It all started because I bought new fish and over fed my tank on the same day 😑 I got the ammonia to hover at .25-.5, but I have no idea what to do after daily water changes (like %25) and adding ammonia pads. I’ve switched to biweekly water changes because I think I’d be disrupting the new water cycle if I didn’t, it could cause a new ammonia spike? Can anyone tell me how to get out of ammonia purgatory? 

My tank is 55 gallons with three large goldfish and a Loche. It’s planted with 12 medium sized plants. I currently have two over hang filters and two air filters going 😅


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19 minutes ago, Jdo123 said:

I clean the sponges and swap out the ammonia pads bimonthly. Cartridges monthly.

how do you clean the sponges? Under a tap or in a bucket of dirty fish water/ dechlorinated water?

Yes, any amonia in a tank is bad for the fish. But.. if your fish seem happy it should be fine. The amonia is not even at 1ppm. 



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3 hours ago, team fishes and shrimps said:

maybe not enough surface area

What does this mean? 

I’ll stop feeding them for two days and see what that does.. they just pick my plants to death when I do that. 

thanks everyone!

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27 minutes ago, James Black said:


Did you cycle your tank? What are your nitrates and nitrites at? Is there amonia in your tap water?


Cycle the tank? I have been doing bimonthly water changes for a month now. Is that cycling? 

tap water- no ammonia 

NO2: 0ppm NO3: 10ppm

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1 hour ago, Colu said:


I would  do no more than 50% water change an a time doing more then 50% can effect your benefial bacterial 25% will have no effect on your  nitrogen cycle


And I will do the weekly changes lol


thank you everyone.. I’ll see if this works out 🤞

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