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Breeding Corydoras


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I have a 10 gallon with a couple of grow out guppy fry. I would like to breed corydoras, what types can I breed in a 10 gallon (if any) and what will I need (plants, type of substrate, breeder box?) is it ok to leave the guppy fry in there until they finish growing out there is only 4? Does any one have tips? Is there a good place to get them from?

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You can probably make it work with mesh but think about whether the foods you plan to offer the fry will work with mesh and how practical it will be to clean up excess. You can definitely keep them in a small space for the first 2-3 weeks but they grow quickly and will eventually need more room. There might be an intermediate period where they are too big for a small breeding box but not quite large enough to set loose in the tank with adults. My experience so far has been that fry rearing is all about balancing the need for water (and physical surface) cleanliness with the need to concentrate food into a small enough space that fry can find it easily.

I hatched and started my cory fry in a breeding box but it was a hang on tank type with a solid bottom and an uplift tube/overflow. Its a medium size fluval, less than $20. I think if I was limited to one tank I would try to find the large size hang on tank breeding box to buy the fry more time to grow.

One more thing you might plan ahead for is how many eggs you pull and attempt to raise. Odds of getting male/female and then pairing off to breed is better if you start with a modestly sized group. Unless you go with one of the dwarf species that group might be close to maxing out the capacity of a 10 gallon tank. Adding the fry to that group might make life difficult. I've heard the recommendation a few times to stick with the smallest corydoras for a 10 gallon.

All that said, I'm having a ton of fun with the cory babies and I hope you can find a way to do it. Good luck!

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@ArneDoug I would recommend against using the mesh one, just in case. Some of my baby peppered cories got stuck under them and died without me noticing (there were like 30 of them in the basket).

Also, one tip: don't release baby cories into the tank before they are big enough! (I know you probably are smart enough not to do this, but I was just sharing it because I learned this the hard way!) I released them into my 29 gallon peaceful community early because I thought they were more at risk getting stuck in the mesh breeder basket. The poor little guys didn't stand a chance competing for food, or avoiding all the much bigger adult cories and pleco in the aquarium.  Only 3 out of 30 survived.

Hope this helps. Raising baby cories is a fun experience! Good luck!

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