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tetra ideas for 240 gallon

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im setting up a 240 gallon turtle aquarium, and my original plan was to have a lot of cichlids with  my turtle, such as 3 convicts, 4 severums, and a oscar,but my oscar sadly died due to a injury and i now want to do a tetra tank as i did not want to "replace" my oscar. i now have 30 silvertip tetras, with 4 serverums, and 3 convicts and a RES turtle. any ideas for more tetras with bold colors. BTW i have i 120 gallon sump as a filter


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On 2/3/2021 at 8:16 PM, Tetra Guy said:

With that much capacity, and a large enough same-species group, you can observe fascinating schooling behavior. I would recommend well known schooling tetras, such as the Rummynose. Pristellas are really good schoolers, too. 

thanks! how many should i go for

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