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Hiya guys,

Long-time hobbyist here, was a coral-reef maniac (you almost have to be) all through the 2000's, until Hurricane Sandy knocked our power out for 5 days and it got so cold in my house that I lost everything..  That was 8 yrs ago, and I swore I would never get another tank..


But I didn't pinky-swear)


I was always envious of some of the gorgeous planted FW tanks that I saw...  and now with Covid forcing us to spend so much more time at home... i just got sick of looking at my dead boring furniture.... SO....


I got the itch again..  Started binging on Youtube vids... SO much has changed since I last had a FW tank,  but it's exciting!  I won't say I 'stumbled' upon Co-op... because I probably watched a thousand or more videos and streams before I decided that this is where I should land...  I like the vids...  the info...  the experience... the ABSENCE of over-produced presentations...  I feel like Corey just talks to you like a friend... a friend who knows a helluva lot more than i do... and is willing to share.... 


SO... I have a little 10g that i've been cycling with liquid ammonia for about 2 weeks...  picked up a few plants, but i want more...  i plan on getting some Cherry shrimps... MAYBE 1 or 2 tiny fish


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58 minutes ago, Toobit67 said:

Thanks, Squeege... nah man... I'm startin' small...  FW and plants are out of my expertise..  and shrimp?  They weren't even a thing back when I was doing it... so  I got alot to learn)



Yeah, that's basically where I am at. I just came back after only having one tank in the last 20+ years. Back then it was ghost, amano, and rarely one or two other shrimp. Now there are 101 different colors. 

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For sure ....H.K...As I said... I was in the saltwater-coral reef hobby for a long time... was a member of MANY different forums..  and back then... there was almost a snobbish attitude given to ppl who were trying to learn.... Almost like those with 'the knowledge' felt power over you.... it didnt sit well with me..  And I wasnt going to tolerate that again...  That's why I am here... 😃


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