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New SA puffer, lethargic, fast decline


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I purchased 4 peruvian puffers on Sunday, all seemed normal that evening after acclimating. (eating, glass surfing, but starting to explore the environment) 
Yesterday night (Monday) I noted the smallest of the 4 was not interested in eating and was glass surfing, but at a much slower pace than during the day. 
This morning, the puffer is listless, earlier in the morning (9am), I tried to feed it, it would not even eat black worms that I held with tweezers in front of its face.  I also noticed it's eyes were not moving or focusing on the worms or anything else. 
In the morning, it was just floating upright near the surface - got caught in the current and completely floated in the current (it got strewn across the tank), not swimming at all.  It's small fins are moving, but it is not swimming with its tail. 
As of 11:30 this morning, it is sitting on the bottom not moving, just breathing. 
As you can see from the pictures, its very pale.  Been trying to research the puffer forums but nothing is very helpful so far.  But I did see that the puffer laying at the bottom of the tank is a very bad sign. 
I tested the water this morning: 
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
10 ppm nitrate
Gh 75
KH 120
temp 76
It is in a 55 gal planted tank, running for just over 2 months.  The other 3 are doing well, active, and eating.  So far they are leaving the sick one alone and not bullying it.
Meds I have on hand are IchX, Maracyn, and Paracleanse. And salt.  I can probably get my hands on some Maracyn 2 quickly.  I haven't done it yet but can set up a quarantine tank. 
I havne't run any meds yet for any of the puffers because I was assured by the store they were quarantined already and I had them feed the puffers before I bought them.   There's also no other fish in the tank.  

I'm very worried considering the rapid decline in just the last 12 hours, any suggestions folks have on what the best next step to do would be much appreciated.  



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1 hour ago, Colu said:

It could have been internal parasites as most puffers are wild caught

Thank you.  Yeah I had concerns about that before buying, but I do believe that the shop was telling me the truth when they said they quarantined and treated them for parasites.  They have been around for a long time and have a good reputation.  

You're probably right though that the illness could have had something to do with internal parasites.  Maybe stress pushed him over the edge. 

The reason why I was going for salt and maracyn was my assumption that he'd already been treated for parasites, and once I was able to get a closer look at the fish, it kinda looked like there was white fuzzy stuff around his lip.  It reminded me of images I'd seen of Columnaris on Irene's videos.  It also had a couple of white flecks on the back.  

Anyway, I guess I'll never know.  Poor little guy.  We buried it in the backyard.  

Considering whether to medicate the whole tank now, but the other 3 seem fine.  Though just glass surfing in the corners nonstop.  I'll just keep a close eye on them.  

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