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I have a moderately planted community 50 gallon tank with CO2. Currently have light and CO2 set to come on at 7a and turn off at 2p. That allows me to feed the fish in the morning before I leave for work at 7:30 and give the plants enough light but minimize algae. Plants and fish are doing well but I don’t get to enjoy the tank in the evening when I get home, usually around 5p. Can I split the time up that I’m running light and CO2 between morning and late afternoon/evening so that I’m able to get more time to actually see the fruits of my labor? Looking for any suggestions. Thanks. 

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So after some experimenting I thought I’d share what has worked for me. I bring the light on at 7a (6:50 with brief 10 minute sunrise) along with CO2 running at about 2-2.5 bubbles per second. Lights out at 11a, CO2 10 minutes sooner. Lights back on at 3p along with CO2 until 7p, 10 minutes sooner for CO2. Very low cool light from 7-8p with no CO2. Plants have responded well and fish are fine. Algae is practically non existent after a few weeks of running this way. I also dose, per instruction, with Easy Green and Iron on Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday dose is following my weekly 60-70% water change. I’ve attached my light schedule and a pic of my tank. 



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