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Purigen PSA & Question


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Hi everyone... I think I might've messed up... Here's my tank right now1172254162_ScreenShot2021-02-02at1_48_16PM.png.52eb62a6d976fcee323aee7af03a69ca.png


I didn't rinse my new Purigen correctly and got this, now. It's honestly ironic since I got this to help polish my water since it was a bit hazy. So PSA: WASH YOUR PURIGEN WELL PLEASE. I was wondering if this will clear up without doing a water change, I just have Purigen and a paper towel in the filter. Also how to get the specs of Purigen out of the substrate? Also will this be hazardous to any life, aquatic or otherwise, especially since I put my water change water into my yard? Thanks!

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1 hour ago, FlyingFishKeeper said:

Well, I didn't go very far without needing to post... How long will it take to clear up, and is it better to have a filter running or not? Also is there a timeline for how long it'll take to break down? Thank you!

Running a filter is no problem and I would recommend it.  I never noticed it the next day after I spilled the white particles but you can certainly try and gravel vac them up if you want it to be quicker.  

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