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Creating a new Guppy Strain...


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5 hours ago, StephenP2003 said:

Wow... is all I can say.  So how many tanks does this require? 1 for mating, 1 for fry, 2 more for separating males and females, and a cull tank?

To do it correctly you should have the set up you stated x 2 or better yet x3... I have a tiny apartment so I am very limited on space and so I'm doing colony breeding....my guppies do not eat fry because I feed heavily they all learn they do not have to chase fry so I only remove anything that is an odd ball...these still throw the occasional half black and pinks so those are pulled immediately and put in my true cull tank to sell to locals.  I'm still getting a few males that look like the f1 males that are typey but not close enough to keep in the colony these go into my secondary cull tank with female culls and im letting them breed to see what happens.This is not the standard or correct way to do it but it working. This project only started in June with Mr Marble and 3 random females. Mr Marble was in my cull tank and I believe he's from my other project line blue dreams which are a blue with light white body markings pictures attached.I called JLs Blue Dreams..1st pic was a few months ago before the tragedy. The 2nd picture was more the beginning stages of the blue dreams strain.


I recently lost almost the entire line of these blue dreams I had been working this for just under 2 years now and im supper bummed. I almost lost them a year ago when I moved then got them going again I stupidly bought some fish that came in sick and somehow cross contaminated my qt tank with the blue dreams it wiped out almost the entire tank I only had a few fry left I had one male in the 1st picture hanging on but he didn't make it. 

So for this reason is why you want multiple tanks of the same line. Also incase you add something to the line...outcrops etc  and inadvertently mess it up not all is lost




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