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Hi Paul,

I have a pair of Baenschi and Borellii's and a couple mystery wild types.
Pretty easy to care for just provide lots of cover either plants or hardscape and find some nice caves.
I use coconut caves which has worked well for me and have had success with females laying eggs in there.

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Thank you @dorsalfin. I love the Inka's but I couldn't find a pair. I do have a coconut cave and both of my tanks are heavily planted. There is a website that has like all the varieties of apistogrammas. When I remember it I let you know to help you figure out what your mystery types are.

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Apistogramma in general have pretty similar care requirements. Like others said, that cave you have will greatly encourage them to spawn and will also provide a nice shelter away, should they want it. 

If you’re interested in breeding them and you’d like to raise the fry, once the eggs are laid make it so that only the female is big enough to fit in the cave. This should increase your numbers.

Also, chuck them some bloodworms at night. They love them and will happily gorge as a treat if you give them some after hours, more of the bloodworms should reach the bottom this way.


Good luck, and pictures please! 🙂

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