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Feel like there has been this gem here that I have been missing out on. Had no idea Aquarium Co-op existed until a bunch of the youtube videos started popping up. Glad I found this place and can’t wait to learn and frequent the store. I’ve recently been bit by the fish bug again. 

My current tank has been steady and thriving so I haven’t messed with it much over the last few years and really just kept up with weekly/montghly maintenance. One 75 gallon tank that has been running for @ 15 years now. Made a beginner mistake by getting a duckbill catfish that is in the 8-9” range. Likely stunted its growth 😔. Last 4-5 years has been stocked with 4 Silver Dollars and 2 Raphael Catfish. Likely will add 1-2 more SD’s. 

Really just saying hello and excited to be part of the community. 

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