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Bump on stomach of white cloud


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20210201_172251.jpg.eb766fde580808397ad15786e74c207d.jpgI just noticed one of my female white clouds has this bump, it's not symmetrical to her body and looks gray in appearance and looks like their might be some internal bleeding towars the rear end of the lump. Does anyone know what this is? Cyst? Cancer? Parasite? Is there even anything I can do and would it be contagious?


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7 minutes ago, HardeepTheLondoner said:

She looks gravid to me, White Clouds typically are very prolific spawners. I’d be surprised if you had a sick white cloud, they are bulletproof in my experience.

Hmmm I didnt think white clouds had gravis spots, but either way this definitely isnt it. It's only on her left side and protrudes out of her body

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