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New Bigger Aquarium Ideas


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While 2020 sucked in a lot of ways there were a few good things, one of which is I started in this hobby.  MTS has kicked in full on (7 so far) and it is time to add a real tank.  So far I have a 5 (portrait), 5.5, 10, 10, 20L, 20L, and a 36 bowfront.  I want to add a larger tank of at least 75G but I think I could go as big as a 110.  I haven't spent too much time looking yet but I have a few questions.  This will be either for cichlids or goldfish (although I'd really  like a tank I could put 100 cory's in).

1.  Where to buy from.  Are the dollar a gallon sales good for the bigger tanks?  Has anyone had good/bad luck buying from ebay or craigs list?  Where else would I look? Are there certain ones to avoid?

2, Are the cabinet stands worth the money?  I think I could use a rack and build a nice wood frame around it, but some of the commercial stands look pretty good.

3. If I want to have a sump at some point does that mean the tank needs an overflow right off?  If not how do I add one later?

4. Are there any other pitfalls or gotchas when going to a bigger tank other than the obvious risk of more water on the floor if there is a problem.

5. Lastly are more smaller tank better than a bigger one?  I am curious as to what everyone else thinks about this.




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Good post! We’re running about 20x aquariums, ranging from 5.5 gal. up to several 55 gal. 

The 20 gal long is a special favorite of the small tanks. I think a similarly shaped long tank would be great. We are also debating between a 75 gal versus a 125 gal, with the goal of decommissioning a bunch of smaller tanks when we set it up. Space, cost, weight, water bill, heating... all are factors to weigh. The chart below might be helpful. 

We’ve got a pair of Geophagus Heckelii we bought as young Ram-sized fry that are becoming WHALES in our 55 gal. Trying to imagine a new home for them... the 125 gal is a better bet, especially since we would like them to spawn (crazy difficult... you have to build an insane subterranean/ under-gravel PVC culvert system). But a tank that size is HEAVY to get in, and set up. 

I'm not sure that you’ll find $ / per gal. sales beyond 40-breeders or 55 gal size. I think I’d start with my LFS, seeing what they suggest. They’ll know that getting you a tank virtually _at cost_ is still going to be profitable for them if you’re buying substrate, filtration, Hardscape, lighting, heaters, plants, etc from them afterwards. For a big tank... you’re taking a big risk on Craigslist or eBay. Unless you’re a very savvy silicone assessor, and equally brilliant transport engineer... buyer beware! I’d sooner buy from someone in my fish club who I know and trust to be forthcoming. 

We’ve built some pretty major stands for  a 55 gal ... and for a rack holding 40 gal breeder + 2x 20 gal long aquariums. There’s some pros: feels good to make stuff! Desired features can be custom made. But there’s cons: can cost nearly  as much as buying a pre-fab stand. Your carpentry skills are determinative to your success. Added a couple photos. 





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